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Types of promotion for Affiliate Marketing

There are various formats for Affiliate programs. It is the producer's responsibility to decide which one is the most suitable for his product and for his business objectives.
Despite having similarities to each other, affiliate marketing oriented towards lead generation is different from that focused on conversion, although both point to Financial Return . Next, we explain each of the different Affiliate Programs .
Cost per Click (CPC)
In this type of program, the Affiliate is paid by click, that is, he earns every time someone clicks on the banner, pop-up, or any advertising that is on display in his blog, site or social networks. In that case, the affiliate's remuneration will depend directly on the advertiser's campaign performance.
Cost per Action (CPA)
In the case of cost per share, the Affiliate is only remunerated if users click on the advertising and perform some action on the landing page of the ad , which can be to register, request a quote or make a purchase.
In these cases, it is not enough to publish the advertising, the Affiliate will have to use his influence to show the benefits of the product and convince people that this offer is reliable.
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